How many exhibitions have you had up to now and where?

I remember two or three exhibitions in Berlin and two in Leipzig.

Have you ever received a prize for your art?

Never. Being an adolescent I participated in a competition whose prize was a journey through the Amazon, the Quetzal Route, is that the Amazon? I carefully drew a scantily dressed native american, in the style of the old engravings of the conquistadores. I wish I had won the prize but it turned out differently, unfortunately.

From all the exhibitions you have done, which one has provided or impressed you more and why?

The exhibitions I’ve made have always been a disaster. The worst of all was the last one; in that I felt the most insulted and learned probably the most too, even if it wasn’t much. It took place in the basement of a restaurant. I met a guy who told me he could “help” me with my “art”. He didn’t even show up to the appointment, to help me put it together. I worked hard many hours and even carried out a performance which put my integrity at risk, judging by the warning of my father, when he learned of the topic at hand. I didn’t sell anything. Those friends and acquaintances who came to see it, I invited to wine.

What is the art for you?

“The art” are two words which make me raise an eyebrow and raise the other one too, but not as high as the first one.

Why does Juan Avellanosa create?

I think you should better ask a question like that to him instead of me. I guess he does it because he thinks he will enjoy more romantic success like that.

What are your future expectations?

Create enough value so my legal heirs won’t have to work ever again.


The interview was conducted by Helena García Moreno with Juan Avellanosa in Leipzig, September 2019.