Did you have companions who dedicated their life to art?

Only those with poorest skills and whose concerns were most distant to artistic subjects. Among the most obviously talented, none.

After this professionalization period or else, how did you start your period in art?

Soon after I arrived in Berlin, in 2004, I began a satisfying partner relationship while at the same time my interest and need to create images increased. Two years later my mother died and the relationship that I had cultivated with these pictures remained, so it seems, permanently.

Did you continue your artistic training, working in some studio or institution?

I have no artistic training. I have always worked on my own, often in secret, except for a close circle of friends and family.

In which style and genre did you produce your work in the beginning?

If we pick the start date as that of my arrival in Berlin I consider the genre of my work to have remained the same. It is essentially Folk, even if some pictures could be interpreted as belonging, more or less to Mystery, Thriller, Romance or Comedy. The style has evolved slowly. Recently the range of colors with which I compose a certain image has decreased. The gradients are generally softer, some edges blurred, some areas out of focus, there is more ocher, the light reminds more closely of real experiences of light and it is more present. The operations I carry out on the computer are in general less sophisticated and laborious as they were in my beginnings, and maybe wiser or at least more meditated.