When did you start your path in art? Have you attended art school or pursued any other degree in art in any institution, studio or university? Has any teacher been influential?

I think that the drawings I did in primary school, in order to please or offend my classmates are probably the first artistic products I did that had a moderate reach. When I was fourteen I visited a drawing studio in Madrid. The teacher wasn’t my cup of tea nor did I have the courage to clearly expose what it was, that really attracted me to drawing at the time, which were certain comics in their fantastical and noir erotic side. Similarly I wasn’t brave enough to ask if I might do live drawings, nudes; so it all remained as a half-opened door left behind and the mere supposition, of something that was happening. In Potsdam I studied Product Design with some teachers that had interests close to other artistic disciplines. That experience guided, by opposition, the kind of processes that I exercise and enjoy when I construct my pictures. I remember a teacher in Potsdam who observed dissentingly, the growing optical distortion I was implementing, still unconsciously, on my sketches. Because it is a great temptation to show a teacher his lack of knowledge, I shall thank him in retrospect, in the light of the issue and the things done, for his bad example. Both from models and from encounters with boogeymen, I’ve been able to learn.

Studying in Madrid I had a competent teacher of a somewhat esoteric subject named ‘projective geometry’. This man always came some 15 minutes before the official start of the class and instructed us with such a speed, we had to have four or five markers in different colors ready to be able to orderly follow the rhythm and tempo of his explanations. His students were the ones who obtained best marks and the rest of the faculty hated him of course with great envy.

How did you live through the first period of creative learning?

What do you mean by “creative learning”?

Which techniques do you learn/discover/put in practice?

Right now I explore ways to propose someone to do a naked portrait of him or her so that he or she would gladly accept such proposition – naked he or she, not me. Many questions cross my mind: Is it appropriate to make a proposition of this kind face-to-face or is it more promising to do it in written form as in an email? What time of the day is most convenient? Should this proposal be part of a delicate sequence of events I should document or is it more about waiting and expecting the opportune question to arise suddenly, casually? Or is it already too late for surprises to occur? Is it beneficial to address possible inconveniences of such an enterprise from the beginning? Which setting would favor a model typically? Are there typical preferences at all? Should I reduce my demands and settle for underwear if full-frontal nudity seem difficult? Etc.